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Information texts

Support during times of coronavirus


At the moment, you can read everywhere a lot about the coronavirus and its impact.

We too want to support everyone, who is unsettled, afraid, panicked, sad, annoyed, isolated and alone. We want to answer questions, follow developments and give courage.

We will therefore pick out individual topics and present you a new small text on our homepage in the coming days,

written by different authors, from professionals and volunteers,

in different languages and writing styles,

sometimes rather theoretical,

sometimes with concrete tips,

sometimes philosophical,

sometimes informative,

sometimes scientific,

sometimes entertaining,

sometimes comforting,

perhaps also funny. Follow us!


> Verdrehte Welt

> Wie mit der neuen Zeit umgehen?

> Sou vill ass nei an anescht

> Numéros et sites utiles

> Le risque de solitude en période de confinement

> Ein Anfang

> Fensterblick

> Free like a bee

> Un moment

> Mein Frühling

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