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Objectives and target audience

The objective of our commitment is to offer discreet help to people in need. A phone call or writing an email is for most people simple and uncomplicated: you don’t need to arrange an appointment, you don’t need to go anywhere to get help and you are not being observed.

Annually we receive about 4000 calls from people in various life situations:

  • People looking for clarification and support in interpersonal conversations – be this in terms of a concrete, extremely sensitive experience or about their entire life situation,
  • People in acute life, relationship, family and suicidal crises,
  • People in long-term difficult life situations who suffer from health/mental problems, addictions, loneliness…

The task of our volunteer members on the phone or in the email counselling is to meet those affected as an empathic interlocutor.

We try to encourage people in situations of acute distress or in long-term difficult life situations to find access to inner peace, personal strengths and new perspectives in their life. An important objective is also to support those seeking advice to trust other people (again) and to accept their help.

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