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Our team

Who can join us?

If you want to join us, the most important requirement is a genuine interest and enthusiasm in caring for other people.

Tolerance and sincerity, interest in psychological issues and the willingness to learn new skills are further attributes you have to meet.

Moreover, anyone interested must be particularly mentally resilient and needs to be available in order to make a regular and binding commitment.

Once a year we recruit new members via the media and we offer interested people the possibility to participate in our training sessions for volunteering as helpline call takers.

A long-term member describes his motivation behind his work as follows:

“Alone the training was for me an entirely new experience and that in a very nice team. In was the beginning of something very special for me. I would say it was actually for me a key into a strange world with new aspects, which allows me a better understanding of both myself and my fellow men.

After years of voluntary work on the phone I must say that these conversations are an enrichment. This individual on the phone needs a human being, he needs a presence, he needs a voice, so he needs me and… I’m there for him!

If then at the end of a conversation this individual tells me: it was good talking to you, I feel a little better now, then I feel that I have reached out to this human being.”

Perhaps you are also interested?

Whether you’re 30 or 60,
Whether you’re working or you’re at home, …

… if you’re interested in joining us, please contact us at:

SOS Détresse, B.P. 620, L-2016 Luxembourg
Email : info@sosdetresse.lu
Fax : 26 44 14 37

We look forward to giving you further information and to find out together which commitment would suit you best.

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